Chemglass Life Sci

3-D Life Dextranase

D10-1 500 µl
EUR 32

Chemglass Life Science Laboratories manufactures the chemglass life sci reagents distributed by Genprice. The Chemglass Life Sci reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Chemglass Life Science. Other Chemglass products are available in stock. Specificity: Chemglass Category: Life Group: Sci

3-D-Life SG-PVA

3x 170 µl
EUR 144

3-D Life FG-PVA

3x 170 µl
EUR 144

3-D Life SG-Dextran

3x 170 µl
EUR 155

3-D Life FG-Dextran

3x 170 µl
EUR 155

3-D Life RGD Peptide

3x 1 µmol
EUR 289

3-D Life Scrambled RGD Peptide

1 µmol
EUR 107

Electrophoresis baffle for Life Technology Novex

EUR 2.8

Sci information

3-D Life PVA-CD Hydrogel SG

G83-1 1 Kit
EUR 187

3-D Life PVA-CD Hydrogel FG

FG81-1 1 kit
EUR 187

3-D Life PVA-PEG Hydrogel SG

G82-1 1 Kit
EUR 80

3-D Life PVA-PEG Hydrogel FG

FG80-1 1 kit
EUR 80

Gilson 170 D.A.D. Long Life Lamp - EACH

EUR 876.15

Waters PDA D2 Long Life Lamp - EACH

EUR 947.7

3-D Life Dextran-CD Hydrogel SG

G93-1 1 Kit
EUR 193

3-D Life Dextran-CD Hydrogel FG

FG91-1 1 kit
EUR 193

3-D Life Dextran-PEG Hydrogel SG

G92-1 1 Kit
EUR 86

3-D Life Dextran-PEG Hydrogel FG

FG90-1 1 kit
EUR 86

Electrophoresis baffle for Life Technology Novex

HTDB02 pcs
EUR 2.8

3-D Life 10x CB Buffer (pH 7.2)

B20-3 600 µL
EUR 16

3-D Life 10x CB-Buffer (pH 5.5)

B10-3 600 µl
EUR 16

Varian 325 335 Long Life D2 Lamp - EACH

EUR 742.5

Biotek 540 DAD Long Life D2 Lamp - EACH

EUR 977.4

Metertech SP-8001 Long Life D2 Lamp - EACH

EUR 919.35

Fistreem Puri Fi Disposable Deioniser standard life - EACH

EUR 276.75