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Products for Fractionation

Sample complexity necessitates extensive fractionation for in‐depth proteomic analysis using mass spectrometry. Preparative 1D gel electrophoresis using SDS-PAGE provides broad molecular weight fractionation of intact proteins and unbiased sampling of protein classes (hydrophobic, acidic, basic, etc.), driving its widespread use in bottom‐up and top‐down proteomics. However, protein fractions separated on the gels must be extracted into liquid phase for subsequent analysis using mass spectrometry, currently requiring tedious gel slicing and yielding relatively poor recoveries.

Developed a commercial system using a novel technology, termed Gel Elution Liquid Fraction Entrapment Electrophoresis (GELFREE), for molecular weight‐based fractionation of intact proteins with liquid phase recovery. Eight samples are run in parallel using a programmable control module in ca. 90 minutes. The system is shown to provide robust fractionation over the mass range 3.5 kDa – 500 kDa with high loading capacity, reproducibility, and recovery.

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