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Protein Extraction from Cells and Tissue

Protein extraction from cells or tissue is often the first step in a laboratory workflow leading to proteome analysis by mass spectrometry. These workflows can be quite complex, and successful completion can require a substantial investment of laboratory time and materials. It is therefore extremely important to begin with an extraction method that will deliver proteins in sufficient concentration, diversity, and quantity to enable the workflow to finish successfully.

Protein Discovery’s extraction kits are designed in accord with the following criteria:

  • High extraction efficiency to deliver a quantity of protein sufficient to produce strong, clear mass spectrometry signals after accounting for potential total protein losses over consecutive proteomics workflow steps
  • Unbiased extraction with respect to protein size
  • Unbiased extraction with respect to protein hydrophobicity
  • Standardized extraction efficiency for reproducible quantitative proteomics
  • Compatibility with downstream workflow steps leading to mass spectrometry
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of sample types for benchtop convenience and laboratory economy
  • Speed and convenience for high laboratory efficiency
  • Rapid, simplified protocols to enable processing of many samples simultaneously


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Protein Extraction with YPX Yeast Protein Extraction Kit

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